I like to grow Tulbaghia. These South African bulbous plants flower without many problems from the end of May till in October. There are over 25 species, ranging from small (10 cm) plants till the larger Tulbaghia violacea with flowers up to 75 cm high. Most Tulbaghia plants are grown in pots and enlarge year after year. In  winter time our pots with Tulbaghia are placed inside a frostfree shed. In March most plants are repotted with normal soil (part chicken grit). In April we start watering and early May pots with Tulbaghia are placed outside in full sunshine. Usually at the end of May the first flowerbuds of Tulbaghia open up. Every two weeks we fertilize our plants with a weak 12-10-18 (N-P-K) solution till August.

In England Mr. D. Fenwick has collected, grown and taken pictures of many South African bulbs and bulbous plants for years. His website ‘The African Garden’ shows a lot of information about these bulbs.

Since 2007, Mrs. E. Powney from Wales has hold the Nationional Collection of Tulbaghia. She has continued to collect, grow and describe Tulbaghia in the way Mr. Fenwick has done. For everyone who is interessed in the species, cultivation and everything you want to know of Tulbaghia please visit her website www.tulbaghia.com.

Tulbaghia species.



Tulbaghia coddii


Tulbaghia comminsii



Tulbaghia leucantha


Tulbaghia leucantha klein



Tulbaghia montana



Tulbaghia natalensis



Tulbaghia violacea



Tulbaghia violacea Alba



Tulbaghia violacea var. maritima



Interspecific hybrids of Tulbaghia.

Most Tulbaghia species do cross freely if plants flower next to one another . For 10-15 years seeds have been collected. Seeds are sown as soon as possible. Germination of Tulbaghia seeds usually takes a 2-4 weeks. Plants from these seeds have to grow in pots for 2-3 years at our nursery before plants start to flower. It takes some years before the size, colour and number of flowers per season is known,  so selection takes several years. New seedlings of Tulbaghia multiply slowly but surely. It usually takes 10-12 years before there is enough stock of a new cultivar.




Tulbaghia Cosmic



Tulbaghia Enya


Tulbaghia Fairy Snow


Tulbaghia Fairy Star


Tulbaghia Hazel





Tulbaghia Moya



Tuilbaghia Purple Eye



Tulbaghia violacea Pallida



Tulbaghia Seren




There are numerous Tulbaghia seedlings flowering each year.



Tulbaghia seedling


Tulbaghia seedling



Tulbaghia seedling



Tulbaghia seedling



Tulbaghia seedling



Tulbaghia seedling


Tulbaghia seedling




Tulbaghia v. X T. v. var. maritima